Required Health Forms

The State of Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires that a completed medical file for each student be maintained in Health Services. Each student must have had a physical examination within one year of admission. The pre-entrance immunization requirements at Anna Maria College are based on the Massachusetts Law 105 CMR 220.000. All students at Anna Maria College must present evidence that they are adequately immunized in order to register for classes. Required immunizations include a two-dose series MMR, three-dose series of Hep B, two-dose series Varicella (or proof of history of disease), Meningococcal vaccine (for all residential and commuter students) and Tdap. All international students need to have Tdap immunization within 12 weeks of arrival in the U.S.

Any student not meeting these requirements could be prevented from registering and attending classes, and/or moving into housing until the information is provided.

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