Two programs to consider for Fall 2022 are Addiction Studies and Law, Justice, and Society. 

Addiction Studies prepares students for careers in the fields of substance use, behavioral disorders, and mental health counseling. Employment in these fields is projected to grow 23 percent from 2020 to 2030 according to federal labor data. In Massachusetts, and locally in Worcester County, the consequences of addiction have heightened the call for more prevention, treatment and intervention programs. Addiction Studies is available as a major or a minor and offers an additional track that concentrates on addiction counseling and prepares students in becoming a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor Level 1 (LADC-1) in  Massachusetts.  

“The Addiction Studies program is a direct response to a critical community need. There is a shortfall of behavioral health workers and the number of people in need of programs and treatment continues to rise,” said Stefanie Howe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology and director of the Addiction Studies program. “A specific focus of our program is on equity because some of the largest increase in opioid overdose death rates are among the region’s diverse populations.”

Law, Justice, and Society provides a strong foundation for students considering law school, advanced degrees in the social sciences, or careers in advocacy, business, criminal justice, government, international relations and public service, among others. Students are prepared for careers where employees utilize presentation, debate and conflict management skills, a knowledge of politics and social justice, and an understanding of the relationship between law, politics, and society. 

“Majoring in Law, Justice and Society prepares students for a wide variety of career paths,” said James Bidwell, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Students will learn about institutions, global interdependence, legal philosophies and frameworks, and contemporary social and political issues, including race, gender, crime, genocide, and terrorism.”

The Law, Justice and Society program emphasizes critical thinking and research, communications skills, informed dialogue and respect for differing perspectives. It is available as a major or a minor.

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