Social Work BSW/MSW Adjunct Faculty

Department: Social Work – BSW/MSW

Job Type: Adjunct Faculty

Education: MSW from a CSWE accredited program or equivalency and Licensed (LICSW, preferred) or/ and a PhD or DSW in Social Work.

Job Description: The adjunct faculty member will report to the Director of the Social Work Program. The adjunct faculty member will ensure that courses and student learning outcomes are met through teaching, learning and experiential experiences.  Within the BSW and MSW Programs, the adjunct faculty member is expected to contribute to a collegiate and highly collaborative working environment focused on student learning and on-going curriculum development and assessment, to reflect relevant knowledge and skills needed within the field of Social Work.


Teaching responsibilities:

  • Promote high standards of academic achievement and integrity in assigned courses
  • Implement established course syllabi consistent with CSWE standards
  • Assure course content is consistent among all sections of said course
  • Prepare for and conduct class sessions in support of course and student learning outcomes, utilizing equipment and technologies as appropriate
  • Review student work and report grades to students in a timely basis with feedback
  • Report attendance in WEBAMC in timely manner
  • Report Student concerns to the Director in a timely manner
  • Availability before or after call and as need to meet with students to address questions or concerns
  • Check AMC email daily when the assigned class is in session.
  • Engage and participate in professional development initiatives to enhance instructional strategies if available
  • Ability to teach remotely if necessary

Responsibilities to the College:

  • Contribute to a collaborative and collegial working atmosphere within the social work Program and the College, supporting the stated missions, philosophies and goals.
  • Participate in faculty development professional development training if available and is relevant to adjunct position
  • Employ communication systems, technologies and policies in service of the smooth operation of the institution
  • Adhere to provisions described within the Faculty Guidebook and Faculty Handbook

Minimum Qualifications:

  • MSW from an CSWE accredited program or equivalency established
  • LCSW/ LICSW required for clinical practice classes

Preferred Qualifications:

  • MSW from an CSWE accredited program or equivalency established
  • LCSW/ LICSW required for clinical practice classes
  • PhD or DSW in Social Work
  • Minimum four years’ post masters experience in the practice/ teaching in field of social work.
  • Previous teaching on the BSW/MSW level or other college level teaching preferred

Anna Maria College is an equal opportunity employer.