Field Placement Coordinator

 Job Overview: 

The Field Placement Coordinator, within the Education Department at Anna Maria College, will work with schools and/or school districts to arrange formal field-based placements for student teacher candidates, as well as required field-based pre-practicum placements in undergraduate and graduate pedagogy courses adhering to state teacher licensure requirements. The Field Placement Coordinator will also train new and support current College Program Supervisors as they oversee and mentor students completing field-based experiences in local school classrooms. 

The Coordinator will provide resources and services needed to support, students, College Program Supervisors and classroom Supervising Practitioners. In addition, the FPC will guide students to complete requirements for field-based experiences such as CORI and fingerprinting processes and will collaborate with members of the Education Department to update student handbooks as necessary. Paperwork associated with field experiences will also be monitored, collected and archived by the Coordinator. Additional responsibilities include serving as the CAP manager, student academic and career advising, and KDP National Honor Society Counselor. 

Teaching two EDU courses per semester is also a requirement of this position. 


  • Master Degree
  • Educational background and experience working within school settings
  • Areas of expertise which would most serve AMC would include background to teach courses and knowledge of MA teacher licensure requirements.