Director, Health Science Program

Department:   Academic Affairs

Job Type:         Full Time, beginning July 1, 2023

Job Description:

This full-time position combines administrative duties with some teaching responsibilities in the sciences. The program director has responsibility for administrative oversight of the Health Science Program (Major, Minor, Pre-Pharmacy track, and transfer pathway to the Nursing Major), the Minor in Public Health, the Major in Forensic Science, and varied opportunities for students in self-designed majors (e.g., Exercise Science). Smooth operation of these programs involves supporting strategies and activities that that promote student progress toward degree; recruiting, mentoring and assigning instructional duties to faculty; designing and fostering effective internal and external communications for the programs; and participation in major events in the academic life of the college. In addition, this position includes a limited instructional load each semester.

The Program Director reports to the AVPAA in the School of Professional Studies. The Director promotes the mission of Anna Maria College and maintains a collegial and highly collaborative working system within the college, focused on student learning and continuous improvement in curriculum, assessment, and student opportunities.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

Operations and Communications

  • Cultivate key communications relative to this role, including reporting to and consulting with the VPAA in the School of Professional Studies
  • Participate regularly in the meetings of Deans & Directors
  • Maintain the Program components of the College catalogue and website
  • Manage the budget, including instructional costs and expenditures for equipment and materials

Faculty Relations and Development

  • Lead committees to recruit and hire new faculty in accordance with College policies
  • Conduct regular meeting of the Program faculty
  • Conduct faculty observations, feedback sessions and mentorship
  • Review annual self-assessments submitted by full-time faculty and offer timely feedback
  • Write supervisor letters in regard to advancement, retention, promotion and tenure of faculty in the Program
  • Address the individual and collective needs of the faculty in order to perform their duties effectively


  • Promote high standards of academic achievement and integrity in the Program, operating within college and program policies
  • Develop the curriculum and assess its effectiveness in conjunction with Program faculty
  • Maintain documentation according to college and program policies.
  • Remain current with the curriculum, students, and the teaching environment by teaching two courses and/or labs per semester

Program Promotion and External Relationships

  • Promote the growth of the Program by developing and using marketing and communication tools
  • Recruit new students through Admissions events and elsewhere
  • Collaborate with community entities to develop opportunities such as internships, articulation agreements, and dual enrollment programs
  • Encourage formation of Program advisory boards and review panels

Student Success

  • Conduct new student orientation sessions
  • Oversee students’ progress toward degree
  • Train Program faculty in advising students, assign students to advisors
  • Hear grade appeals and challenges based on academic integrity
  • Review transfer evaluations
  • Oversee acceptance of course substitutions (external and internal)
  • Solicit exit interviews
  • Ensure timely submission of Intent to Graduate documentation

General Functions

  • Contribute to a collaborative and collegial working atmosphere within the Program and the College, supporting the stated missions, philosophies and goals.
  • Adhere to provisions described within the Directors Handbook
  • Participate in major events of the College, such as Commencement, Baccalaureate, and award ceremonies

Expected Results:

The Program Director fosters the experiences students need to complete their chosen curriculum in the sciences and thereby be prepared to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed for a related entry-level professional position or entry into post-graduate educational programs in the field. Students from any major who are enrolled in courses offered by these programs will acquire knowledge of specific course content and methods that support their general education or progression in their chosen field of study. The Program Director will promote the growth and development of the academic components under their supervision

Supervisory Responsibility:

The Program Director will recruit, supervise, and mentor full-time and adjunct faculty to effectively deliver the instruction in these programs.


  • Maintain verbal, written, and/or electronic communication with the AVPAA in the School of Professional Studies, the faculty and students in the program, and Anna Maria staff, as appropriate.
  • Participate in promoting the Program and recruiting students in collaboration with other College departments.
  • Establish and maintain community connections.

Qualifications/Requirements Necessary to Reach Acceptable Performance:

  • Holds a terminal degree (preferably a doctoral degree) in a field directly related to the course offerings in the programs listed above. Has a record of effective teaching at the post-secondary level. Has demonstrated experience (2 to 5 years) in higher education, including administrative duties as listed in this job description.

Anna Maria College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.