Clinical Facilitator and Instructor

Department: Academic Affairs

Job Type: Full Time

Reports To: Dean of Nursing

The Clinical Facilitator and Instructor for Nursing Programs reports to the Dean of Nursing. The Clinical Facilitator and Instructor secures student clinical placements and qualified adjunct clinical faculty for various clinical experiences planned throughout the nursing curriculum. All components of clinical placement are managed by the Clinical Facilitator and Instructor; including, but not limited, to agency contracts and their required compliance for faculty and students, adjunct orientation, clinical practice requirements, and scheduling. This position provides instruction to a clinical/lab assignment each semester.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Arranges and secures appropriate clinical placements for students learning outcomes in all nursing programs
  • Provides clinical/lab instruction each semester.
  • Represents the AMC Nursing Department with clinical affiliates and maintains communication with agency personnel
  • Maintains information regarding changes in requirements for clinical placements and facilitates compliance through communication
  • Maintains contracts with clinical sites
  • Supports the Nursing Department to manage clearance for clinical placement using Certified Background and evaluates student readiness for clinical such as CPR, CORI, Annual TB, etc.
  • Serves as a professional resource for clarification of medical clearance requirements.
  • Conducts clinical site visits as needed & promotes ongoing communication
  • Provides Nursing Dean with number of adjunct faculty needed for labs/clinical coverage
  • Confirms all placements with adjuncts prior to start of clinical
  • Collaborate with Dean to interview and hire adjunct faculty.
  • Provides accurate schedule to Nursing Dean for proper compensation of adjunct faculty
  • Organizes and conducts pre/post-clinical meetings with adjunct faculty
  • Coordinates adjunct orientation and ensures completed checklist is in employee file
  • Facilitates communication between adjunct faculty and course faculty
  • Plan faculty coverage when needed.
  • Uses student progression data to compose student clinical assignments in Empower
  • Schedules clinical groups in collaboration with appropriate faculty
  • Explores possible new clinical sites for clinical learning experiences and prepares related reports for consideration, e.g., Sim lab coordination with the Clinical Lab Coordinator position.
  • Supports the MA Centralized Clinical Placement (CCP) website to enter renewals and requests for clinical sites within the stated timeframe. Attends CCP meetings.
  • Trends clinical placement data and makes recommendations for systematic program evaluation.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Expected Results:
Clinical placement for students will be provided and supervised by qualified nursing faculty for all clinical/lab courses in the nursing curriculum in accordance with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing regulations.

Supervisory Responsibility:
Assist Dean in hiring of required qualified adjunct nursing faculty and oversee appropriate placement of students in clinical facilities.

Maintain verbal, written, and/or electronic communication with nursing students, faculty and clinical affiliates.
Establish and maintain community connections.

Qualifications/Requirements Necessary to Reach Acceptable Performance:

  • Hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing with a Certified Nurse Educator or master’s in nursing degree..
  • Hold an earned graduate degree in nursing, or an earned baccalaureate degree in nursing with a successfully completed Certified Nurse Education certificate within 2 years of employment.
  • Hold a Massachusetts Registered Nurse license in good standing.
  • Possess a minimum of five years full-time nursing experience (or its equivalent) within the last eight years, and evidence of competence in the area of clinical/lab instruction.
  • Be current in Healthcare Provider CPR (within the last two years and to be renewed every two years).
  • Provide documentation of current health care requirements as required by the State of Massachusetts and clinical agencies and clinical site.