Assistant Professor of Health Science

Department: Academic Affairs

Job Type: Full Time to begin teaching for the Fall 2024 semester. This is a Tenure Track position.

Job Description:

The full-time faculty member in the Health Science program reports to the Director of the Health Science Program and is versatile enough to manage varied health science courses, which may include General Biology, Microbiology, Nutrition & Health, Anatomy & Physiology and/or General Chemistry, as well as upper-division courses.  The faculty member will ensure course outcomes are met through teaching and learning experiences in classes and labs. The faculty member is also required to participate in the mission and governance of Anna Maria College. Within the Health Science Program, the faculty member is expected to contribute to a collegial and highly collaborative working system, focused on student learning and on-going curriculum development and assessment.  In addition to teaching, the successful candidate has the responsibility to carry out a scholarly agenda and to be of service to the College and the wider community.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

Teaching responsibilities

  • Promote high standards of academic achievement and integrity in assigned courses
  • Implement established course syllabi or develop new syllabi in accordance with College standards
  • Harmonize course content among sections of the same course
  • Prepare for and conduct class and lab sessions in support of course outcomes, utilizing equipment and technologies as appropriate.
  • Conduct laboratory experiences in accordance with the Anna Maria College Laboratory Safety Manual
  • Review student work and report grades to students on a timely basis
  • Maintain documentation according to college and program policy.
  • Engage in continuing development of effective instructional strategies
  • Hold regular office hours for student conferences
  • Maintain a portfolio of student advisees, guiding them in progression toward degree
  • Write letters of recommendation as requested by students or alumni of the Program

Responsibilities within the Health Science Program

  • Participate in program and college faculty meetings and activities.
  • Contribute to curriculum development, review, and revision.
  • Submit recommendations for equipment, materials, and supplies.
  • Collaborate in the timely development of each semester’s schedule of courses.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Responsibilities to the College

  • Contribute to a collaborative and collegial working atmosphere within the Program and the College, supporting the stated missions, philosophies and goals.
  • Participate in faculty development and training.
  • Employ communication systems, technologies and policies in service of the smooth operation of the institution.
  • Adhere to provisions described within the Faculty Guidebook and Faculty Handbook.

Expected Results:

The Health Science faculty member will contribute to the experiences students need to complete the Health Science curriculum and thereby be prepared to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed for an entry-level professional position in health science or entry into post-graduate educational programs in the field.

Supervisory Responsibility:

Supervise and mentor students from any major who are enrolled in their assigned classes and lab sections.


  • Maintain verbal, written, and/or electronic communication with students, internship supervisors, and other faculty and Anna Maria staff, as appropriate.
  • Participate in promoting the Program and recruiting students in collaboration with other College departments.
  • Establish and maintain community connections.

Qualifications/Requirements Necessary to Reach Acceptable Performance:

  • Holds a terminal degree (preferably a doctoral degree) in biology, chemistry, or a closely related scientific field relevant to Health Science course offerings.
  • Has a record of effective teaching at the post-secondary level.
  • Pursues development of knowledge and skills applicable to the expected teaching responsibilities.

Anna Maria College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.