Administrative Assistant For Nursing Programs


An Administrative Assistant to provide administrative support to the operation of the Nursing Programs. Working under the supervision of the Nursing Dean, this position provides all necessary organizational support and administrative tasks. The Assistant projects a professional image of the Nursing Department through in-person, email, and phone interactions. Duties include general clerical, receptionist and project-based work.


  • Provides administrative  support to the Dean of Nursing and delivers high quality, confidential services to faculty, staff,students, nursing program partners, and communities of
  • Performs general clerical duties including; but not limited to, photocopying, faxing, mailing, scanning, and filing. Maintains hard copy and electronic filing system. Creates and modifies documents using Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Prepares and maintains departmental files and forms, and ensures that information contained in the program, faculty, andstudent files is accurate and complete; end of course program compilation. Keeps accurate records of monthly budget forreview by Dean; prepares purchases orders and reconciles budget each month with business
  • Collects, maintains, and inputs data into the Nursing Programs Systemic Plan for Program Evaluation and Assessment of Outcomes (SPE) for regulatory and accreditation requirements; e.g., annual reports, accreditation self-studies.
  • Maintains, updates, and develops program accreditation and approval records as required for reports and regulatory compliance.
  • Manages and maintains Dean’s Sets up and coordinates all meetings and events.
  • Develops the nursing organization (NFO) meeting agendas in accordance with the SPE and provides data regarding program effectiveness according to the SPE calendar schedule. Attends the meetings in order to transcribe and distribute minutes in accordance to regulatory compliance.
  • Communicates with other departments and performs duties as requested by members of the faculty and staff, such as, placingbook/supply orders and room
  • Maintains confidentiality in regards to student, faculty and staff
  • Interacts on a daily basis with all members of the College community, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, jobapplicants and the
  • Interacts with Health Center Staff, Student Success Center, and vendors to ensure all enrolled nursing students are compliant with academic and clinical requirements. Records of academic and clinical compliance are monitored  andmaintained in student’s academic
  • Supports program with clinical facilities to coordinate student placements and maintain contracts.
  • Monitors COVID and pre-clinical symptom assessment documented compliance.
  • Assists the Dean in recruitment efforts for staff and faculty positions by coordinating and scheduling interviews for candidates
  • Registers nursing student into courses in accordance to the program’s curriculum plan; e.g. NUS courses.
  • Proctor ATI exams
  • Performs all duties as assigned by Nursing Program


  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Office Management, Human Services or other related field
  • Prior work experience in a college or university setting preferred
  • Prior work experience in a healthcare setting or usage of data base programs
  • Experience with using Zoom or comparable video conferencing software