James Carritte, Ph.D.

Director of the Fire Science and Emergency Programs
Emergency Management, Fire Science
Office: Trinity
Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology, Boston College
Master of Science, Sociology, Boston College
Bachelor of Science, Salem State College

I spent over 26 years in the fire service including my final two (plus) years as the Acting Chief of the Lynn Massachusetts Fire Department. I am deeply committed to professional development in the fire service including the study and promotion of safe practices for firefighters. In addition, my favorite topics of interest in the fire service include community risk reduction, data analysis and budgeting of emergency services organizations. As director of the fire science program I am dedicated to continuing the long-standing tradition of Anna Maria College as an innovative leader in fire service education. I seek to provide our students an education that stays current with the latest developments in our field in terms of both educational materials and fire service concepts. I obtained a doctor of philosophy degree from Boston College in 1992. My primary research concern at that time was the role of government spending in the economic growth of stable, affluent democracies. Though I am not currently active in the field of sociology I continue to maintain my interest in the role of government in promoting economic and social community welfare.

Courses Taught at Anna Maria:
Organizational Theory and the Public Sector
Strategic Management of Human Capital
Emergency Services Budgeting and Finance
Analytical Approaches to Public Fire Protection

Research Interests:
Citizen Focused - Effective Delivery of Emergency Services.

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