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Attend Orientation

Each session is 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

  • Session 1: June 21
  • Session 2: June 22
  • Session 3: July 11
  • Session 4: July 12
  • Session 5: August 25

Complete Housing Agreement – July 22nd

  • Incoming students need to complete their Housing Agreement no later than July 22nd. All housing and roommate information will be sent via email no later than August 1st. Find the Agreement Form here.

Complete Athletics Health Forms – July 30th

Athletics Medical Clearance Documentation Deadline is July 30th. All students trying out for a varsity or club sport are required to complete additional athletic medical clearance found here.

Complete Anna Maria College Required Health Forms – July 31st

Complete required Health Forms via the Medicat Patient Portal by the July 31st deadline. A registration hold will be placed on your account if forms and records are missing or incomplete.

Review College Policies

Review FERPA and other important college policies here. You will have to sign acknowledgment forms for certain policies before the end of August. See August for these forms.


Review the Academic and other Accommodations Policies and Procedures here. Request any services if needed.

Review Insurance Information

Complete the online health insurance waiver if you are declining coverage through Anna Maria College. If the waiver is not completed, you will be billed on August 1st. Review and submit waiver here.

Congratulations on becoming the newest member of our community!
Consider the success of some of our alumni.

You are joining some amazing alumni that have studied with us – Business CEO’s at Eaton Vance that oversee cybersecurity, general managers that run business divisions in over 50 major firms throughout New England and the United States; hundreds of nurses and teachers that care for thousands of patients and students that will shape our future; artists, graphic designers, musicians and therapists;  66 Massachusetts police chiefs; over 40 New England fire chiefs; sports managers that work in mid-town Manhattan; and FBI agents in Boston, Miami and Washington D.C. and alumni that are serving in the United States Secret Service. Agents that remain true Patriots!  We think you will like what you see and those that you meet.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going to happen during my Orientation Session?

One of the primary objectives of new student registration is to provide you with an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor to review the course schedule that will have been created for you prior to your arrival. This is a good time to ask questions and make necessary adjustments. We will also use this time to provide information to assist you with your transition to Anna Maria. You and your family members will be given the opportunity to ask questions of representatives from Financial Aid, Campus Life, and other administrative offices. You will leave campus with your new Anna Maria student ID and a parking pass if applicable.

If I am a new student who has never attended college (this includes new students who have taken college courses and earned college credit during high school), are there courses that I will take my first semester?

Yes. Every first-time freshman will be registered for AMC 100 First-Year Seminar. This is waived if you are transferring in 12 academic credits or more. There are a variety of topics from which to choose. You will list your top choices when you meet with your advisor and will learn which course you will take during your new student registration advising session. 

Do I need to declare a major before I am registered for classes?

No. You may want to consider a major based on some initial interests, but it is not necessary. We do recommend that you select courses that will both help you make progress toward fulfilling core requirements and also allow you to explore possible majors. It is not unusual for students to change their declared major at least once during their college career. 

How many credits should I take during my first semester at Anna Maria?

It is recommended that most students take 15 credit hours — typically this would be 5 – 3 credit classes. Being a full-time student at Anna Maria requires a minimum of 12 credit hours, which is also a requirement of most forms of federal financial aid and academic scholarships.

How will I know what courses are available in the fall term?

Anna Maria Colleges official fall class schedule will be online. Your user ID and Password will be located in your admission portal. This will help you consider what classes might be available. Although looking at the course schedule is a good idea, we recommend that you do not actually plan a specific schedule of classes beforehand.

How will I decide what courses to take?

If you have selected a major, there will probably be one or more courses that you take for that program. In a few majors, it will be necessary that you take the recommended courses to ensure completion of that major within four years. The advisor assisting you will have that information. Most new students will want to select courses that fulfil Anna Maria’s core requirements, and in almost every core requirement, you have a variety of courses from which to select. You do not need to do any prep work for your schedule prior to coming to Orientation/registration. Your advisor at Anna Maria will make sure you get registered for the right courses.

I took AP courses in high school. Will I get any college credit for those?

If you took an AP course and scored a three, four, or five on the AP test, you may be eligible to receive credit from Anna Maria. The Office of Admission has a sheet describing the exact course equivalents for the different AP tests (online version). You will need to ensure that your official test score report is sent directly to the Registrar’s Office at Anna Maria College. If you have completed IB coursework, you can find a course equivalency listing here. 

Will I get credit for CLEP tests?

Yes. The Office of Admission can provide you a brochure about CLEP tests and the credit awarded by Anna Maria for various tests (online version). You will need to have the official CLEP test score report sent to Anna Maria Colleges Registrar’s Office. If you’ve not taken a CLEP exam before but believe you have proficiency in a particular area of knowledge, you can take CLEP exams at Anna Maria by contacting Kelly Tarani in the Registrar’s Office. 508-849-3475

I have taken a course that grants college credit. How do I make sure that course gets recorded on my Anna Maria College transcript?

This is most likely what we refer to as a “dual credit” course (one that applies to both your high school diploma and your college transcript) or it might be one that you took on your own at a local college or university. In both cases, you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office of the college or university that is awarding the college credit and ask that an official copy of your transcript be sent to the Registrar’s Office at Anna Maria. Please inform the Anna Maria faculty member assisting you during registration that you plan to have this course credit transferred here so that you do not duplicate it by registering for the equivalent course.

All students should check their Anna Maria email regularly as all important correspondence will come to this address. Student email addresses are USERNAME@amcats.edu.

The WebAMC portal includes important information about your student bill, your academic schedule, your grades, your academic advisor. New Students are provided with a Student ID # and Anna Maria Email address in the Admissions Portal.

All of our online classes are taught through the Engage platform. Please watch the short video that explains how to access your online classes.