Homeland Security Certificate

Program Overview

National security is of great importance to the preservation and growth of the United States and its territories. To succeed, professionals must be well educated on ethical and social issues of security, liberty, risk assessment and vulnerability, motivation, multi-agency cooperation, intelligence cycles, victimization and fear, resource and technology management, as well as, media and mass communication. This training will inform them through the various processes and resources available while developing best practices, programs, and policies in response. Professionals must also understand the role the United States plays in connection to ally and other forces in the world. The Certificate in Homeland Security exposes students to the United States’ systemic answer to domestic and international threats. 

Careers include positions in homeland security, federal agencies, border patrol, private security firms, and many others.

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Required Courses
Meet Our Faculty

Required Courses

  • HLS 701 – Foundations of Homeland Security
  • HLS 702 – Domestic Threat and Policy Analysis
  • HLS 703 – International Threat and Policy Analysis
  • HLS 704 – Partnerships for Homeland Security

Meet Our Faculty

Dianne White, M.A.,J.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Criminal Justice
(508) 849-3417