Preparing Skilled Leaders of Outstanding Character

Anna Maria College offers a vibrant, compassionate, close-knit culture of active learning, bold thinking, and mentorship whether studying on campus or in one of our online programs. Our students are treated as professionals-in-training as they grow in knowledge, skills, and experience, becoming leaders who are passionate about serving their communities. 

At Anna Maria we provide:

  • Exceptional professional programs at all degree levels, especially in community-oriented professions, propelling our students to lives of civic, spiritual, and personal consequence.
  • Moral, ethical, and service-oriented character building through a Catholic, liberal arts learning culture and active service learning.
  • Key literacies for contemporary achievement (effective communications, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, quantitative literacy, information literacy, teamwork and problem solving).
  • Community-Situated Learning, where Anna Maria enhances its educational value through external partnerships in greater Worcester and the region, providing students opportunities for active engagement in civic and community work.

Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Online Programs